Cadillac Is Busy With New Small Crossover

January 12th, 2013 by

In early January 2013, Bob Ferguson, one of Cadillac’s top executives made a statement that the company is “working hard” on a new small crossover. It will be slotted at a pricepoint just below the company’s popular SRX. The vehicle is set to cadillac emblemcompete with a more urban vehicle targetted at younger buyers than the mature segment that the current SRX is popular with. The vehicle will compete with the likes of the Lexus RX350, the BMW X5, and others.

Although production and sale dates haven’t been revealed, Ferguson made a comment that this vehicle is far beyond being just a possibility, and that the vehicle is heavy into the design process. Competition carmakers have made advances in the American small crossover market, with the BMW revealing the X1, and Audi planning to bring it’s popular Q3 overseas from Europe. Buick will roll out the Encore SUV and Lincoln is set to reveal it’s new MKC concept crossover. The small crossover segment is booming, mostly because carmakers have to find a balance between stricter fuel consumption standards, emission standards, and customer’s demand for functinoality and efficiency.

Ferguson was chosen previously to be in charge of GM’s massive jump on the Chinese market. Some of the company’s huge success there is attributed to Ferguson, and that is part of the reason why he was chosen to spearhead the company’s new shot at a crossover for both China and Western Europe. Cadillac has practically disappeared from the Western European markets, after many failed attempts at gaining some market share from strong European manufacturers. GM hopes that this new, fresh generation of Cadillac vehicles may finally get a foothold on European soil.

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