The Mark Wilson’s Better Warranty

Some people say expect the unexpected. We say be PREPARED for the unexpected. Maintaining your vehicle and having it professionally repaired gives you peace of mind and provides safer travels.

Peace of Mind

Today’s roads are rough on cars. Winter salts and de-icing fluids eat at your vehicle’s body, potholes beat on your suspension and steering components, and traffic is hard on your brakes and engine parts. Why take the chance of being stranded or being left with a hefty repair bill you weren’t prepared for? Some people will argue that they believe in the vehicle they purchased, and they don’t plan on a break-down. Vehicles today are engineered using the most sophisticated technology available, but that also means that while you enjoy a long life and great performance, when it comes time for a repair, it may not be as easy as it was for the cars of the past. It takes a certified and specially trained technician to repair the advanced vehicles on the road today, and long labour hours often make for bills that can soar.

Our warranties not only provide you with the financial cushion for potential repairs, but they provide you with peace of mind, which is priceless for someone who relies on their vehicle daily. If you are on a long road trip with the family and you have an issue, you have towing coverage, you can be taken to a shop quickly and be back on the road in no time.

How To Choose

We specifically tailor warranty packages to fit various types of families, budgets, and vehicle types. Our warranties can offer you savings in the long term, and will help to keep you on the road when you need it. We encourage you to seriously consider the options we provide and discuss the details with our Business Managers.

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