Ford Hires 8,100 & Plans For 2,200 More Workers

January 11th, 2013 by

In 2012, Ford Motor Co. hired an additional 8,100 plant workers and administration/design staff, and plans to hire 2,200 more salary and hourly workers this year in 2013. Sales are increasing at a fast, steady pace in North America, and the company is forced to hire in order to keep up with production demand. The recent hiring surge is the largest increase in salary workers in more than a decade, the company issues in a press release. There will be hiring in the manufacturing, product development, and IT sectors of the company. Ford also made a statement that the company ended 2012 with 28,000 white collar salaried employees in North America, with most of them being in the United States. During the recession, Ford dipped to a recent low of 25,000 salary workers in 2009, while just a few years earlier in 2006 it had 38,600.

Ford made a commitment in 2011 to the United Auto Workers that it will continue hiring more workers until 2015, to reach a target of 12,000 US hourly workers. The company says it will continue to push heavily for tech-savvy employees, using social media such as twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. Ford said it will also be more aggressively seeking military veterans who are looking for domestic jobs. In late December 2012, the company announced that it will spend roughly $773 million on capacity increases and new equipment for manufacturing facilities in south-eastern Michigan.

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