Toyota Tundra To Tow Space Shuttle

December 10th, 2012 by

As the leading provider of Used Cars in Toronto and Ontario, Mark Wilson’s is proud to offer leading industry news at your fingertips.This week, our team follows the announcement made by Toyota of North America that their biggest truck – The Tundra – will be towing the Space Shuttle “Endeavor” on the last leg of it’s journey from LAX International Airport to the California Science Centre.

The Tundra is Toyota’s largest pickup truck, and although it’s classified as a light duty truck, it still performs well in it’s segment. Unlike domestic auto makers that offer ‘heavy duty’ pickup trucks, Toyota has opted instead to offer a large light-duty truck that packs a compact punch. The Space Shuttle that the Tundra will tow weights approximately 300,000 lbs (yes, three hundred thousand pounds), which is several hundred times heavier than the maximum towing capacity for the stock Tundra. Toyota engineers have admitted that they have beefed up the transmission, frame, and suspension components to be able to handle such a heavy load. However, Toyota has maintained it’s position that the stock 5.7L V8 engine is 100% stock and does not differ in any way from a regular Tundra that can be found on North American roads. If true, this is a very interesting surprise, and a crowd is expected to draw along the streets of Los Angeles to see the space shuttle arrive.

Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars and our Toronto Used Car shoppers eagerly await the arrival of the space shuttle in Los Angeles, and look forward to watching the Tundra tow the monstrous spacecraft. For updates and other Toronto Used Car news, visit daily!

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