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EV vs Hybrid

The main differences between hybrid and electric cars is the way in which the vehicle is powered, the cost to run the vehicle over time, and the environmental factor. Both hybrid’s and all-electric cars have batteries and operate more efficiently than your average gas-powered
Both types of vehicles have a battery that can be recharged with electricity. Hybrids however, can run on gasoline as well. For driver’s that take longer trips, a plug-in hybrid may be a wiser choice. Whereas for those who take shorter trips, an electric vehicle may be a better choice.

How to Find Charging Stations Near You

In the City of Guelph alone there are approximately 19 EV charging stations with more being added, you can simply find them on your GPS. The main places you are able to charge your vehicle are FLO Charging Stations and ChargePoint Charging Stations.

EV Home Charging

1. Choose Your Charging Type

The most common electric vehicle charging stations are either Level 1 or Level 2:
• Level 1 (120V) EV charging usually takes a day to charge an electric car completely.
• Level 2 (240V) EV charging usually only requires a few hours of charging. In most cases, you can get between 100-300 km of range in around 20-30 minutes of charging.

2. Get Your Garage Ready

Clean out your garage to prepare for your electric vehicle charging station.

3. Locate Your Power Panel

Ensure your power panel is rated for the proper amount of current flow. The amperage should be displayed on the circuit breaker.

4. Hire an Electrician

Ask your electrician any questions that you have regarding your overall power consumption due to EV charging.

5. Purchase Your Charger & Have it Installed

Purchase your charger and have it professionally installed.

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