Your Favourite Used Car Dealer in Ontario Presents: Top 5 Auto Detailing Mistakes

December 10th, 2012 by

Some enjoy it, some despise it. The fact is, auto detailing / car cleaning is a reality. Whether you enjoy it or hate it, at some point, you have or will have to clean a car.

Cleaning / Detailing your own car shouldn’t be difficult. As experts in the Ontario used car industry we have a list of the top-5 NO-NO’S:

1. Not Washing Your Car Regularly

In Canada, roads are covered with salt and sand during the winter months, and the combination of the two, along with de-icing fluids on the road can cause major damage to your paint job over time. Keeping your used car clean will help preserve the paint and help prolong the rust bubbles that will happen at some point down the road.

2. Improper Use of Chemicals

Dishsoap is for dishes, carsoap is for cars. If you confuse the two, you can do some serious damage to your paint job, and you may not even clean it as well as you want to anyways. Chemical compounds are designed for certain applications, very specific applications. It’s a common myth that ‘soap is soap’, but that is not just a marketing gimmick.

3. Over-Polishing

Polishing your car will restore the paint job and give your ontario used car a more appealing look and shine. However, one must remember that polishing a car just means gently rubbing the paint with a combination of wax and buffing pads. If you polish a car too often, you risk burning through the clearcoat of your paint (the clearcoat covers the regular paint and protects it) and then you will expose your paint to the elements, causing it to age faster, and be more prone to rust.

4. Not Drying Your Car

Moisture helps to form rust, and if you’re a person who never uses a microfiber cloth or chamois to dry their car after washing it, you will end up with water spots all over your car. These water spots are ugly and will damage the paint permanently if you do this frequently. When you dry your car, you must remember to open the doors and wipe in the door jams, under the doors, and anywhere that you see moisture.

5. Not Cleaning Rims

Whether you have alloy rims or hubcaps on your Ontario used car, it is important to keep them clean to maintain their look throughout the life of your car. Your brake pads create dust every time you use them (some more than others), and some of this dust is left on your wheels. If you don’t clean it regularly, it will stain or become very hard to remove. Generally, a light wiping with a cloth will take care of it. Occasionally, dirty rims need all-purpose cleaner, or in serious cases rim acid needs to be used.

In the end, every used car owner in Ontario owes it to themselves to maintain their vehicle, including their vehicle’s appearance, to the best of their ability. This ensures better trade-in or resale value, and provides a more pleasurable driving experience.

Why Buy a Used Car?

The Ontario Used Car market offers many benefits to consumers, including an enormous variety of vehicles, enhanced buyer protection through laws & regulations, convenient financing, and exceptional value.

The cost of a car is a key factor in insurance pricing. Used cars cost less, therefore are cheaper to insure
The cars of today last much longer than those of the past, making pre-owned cars far more reliable than ever.

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